The Ashen Covenant Rises


  • The party disguises themselves as cultists of Orcus and trek toward the Shadar-Kai tower.
  • They succesfully decieve the cultists and imform Renshar, a high ranking member of the cult that Cleisthenes’ plan failed in Fallcrest and they tell him that they are the survivors of that sect.
  • Renshar tells them to rest and eat because later that night they will celebrate one of Orcus’ holidays and create undead creatures.
  • The party explores the tower and there they discover a dozen or so Shadar Kai chained in the basement.
  • Byron the Render then tells Renshar where Denoa and the other Shadar Kai are hiding and convinces him to send some of his cultists to take care of them in order to remove two evils.
  • Then the party systematically kills the cultists, going silently from level to level until they are discovered.
  • The party fights their way to the top floor which is occupied by Siolim and Skorn Felstrom. The party emerges victorious but Siolim kills all of the Shadar Kai prisoners that were released before the Druid in wild shape ends him.
  • The party loots the tower.



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