The Ashen Covenant Rises


  • An enclave of arcane studies in the wilderness is approached several times over the course of a few weeks by individuals enquiring about their collection of artifacts.
  • A Mage of some sort enters the enclave and gives the spell casters there veiled threats if violence if they do not surrender the objects.
  • When they refuse the Mage reveals himself to be larval undead and created a portal on the floor before fleeing in a swarm of worms.
  • Zombies and skeletons come out of the portal and attack.
  • The casters fight them off so the Larva Mage summons a skeletal dragon which kills the casters.
  • A third figure cones through the portal cloaked in black and carrying a staff. The larva Mage falls to his knees and refers to this figure as “master.” The cloaked figure commands him to take the artifacts from the enclave and bring him any of interest. He then magically commands the dragon and they exit via the portal.



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