The Ashen Covenant Rises

Into the Marsh

  • The party finishes looting the tower and head back to the Shadar Kai camp.
  • The camp has obvious signs of a fight but there are no survivors on either side still there. Denoa is nit present dead or alive.
  • The party continues southward and stops at a fortified tavern on the border of the swamp called the Witchlight Fens.
  • They hear news about Will o Wisps and Bullywugs in the area and the Druid senses that the nature spirits are distressed.
  • The party treks through the swamp and fight said creatures until they encounter a
    Hag, the source of the swamp’s distress.
  • They kill her and go back to the inn to rest
    before continuing on their travels.
  • The party finds themselves out of the swamp, travelling through hilly terrain and finally at the edge of the desert they have been travelling toward.
  • A gray dragon approaches and fights the party before a brass dragon intervenes and kills it.



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