The Demon Prince of Undeath. He is a massive fat Balor with an aura of decay. His tail is tipped with a venomous barb. He can kill anything with a touch and wields a mace tipped with the skull of a god called the Wand of Orcus:. He has attempted to attain godhood on several occasions and once succeeded before being defeated by an exarch of Lolth. After this failure he was severely weakened but has been regenerating his powers for centuries or longer.

Orcus is responsible for the creation of nearly all undead creatures directly or indirectly. Liches attain their immortality by performing a ritual given to them by Orcus.

Orcus seeks to become a god of death and rule the universe with an ever expanding army of undead creatures.

His lieutenent is a Ghoul named Doresain: and his most powerful worshippers are part of a cult called the Ashen Covenant: though other cults of Orcus exist.


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