Ebon Riders

The Ebon Riders are four leaders of the Ashen Covenant. When they assumed their high positions in the cult they created new names and titles for themselves. They are…

Mauglurien the Black Dragon

The Hierophant of Decay

Keraptis the Desolate

Kalarel the Necromaster

First Kalarel came face to face with the party. He found them after he broke into the tower of the wizard Thersys Four-Face and injured her but he was destroyed by them in combat.

In retaliation for his death the other Ebon Riders destroyed the town of Winterhaven via their ghouls and left an ominous message repeated over and over.

“By Design of Keraptis, under the Sight if the Hierophant, by the Hand of Mauglurien…”

Next the party discovered that Dirina Mornbrow, the head priestess of Fallcrest was the second of these leaders. Keraptis revealed this fact to them during the siege of Fallcrest and the party destroyed her after he fled.

They met Mauglurien in the underdark, dealing with Mind Flayers on behalf of Keraptis. They killed him as well.

Finally they sought out the lich’s dark fortress and destroyed him along with his dracolich emmisary.

Ebon Riders

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