Ashen Covenant

The Ashen Covenant is a secret cult devoted to Orcus: the Demon Prince of Undeath. Their goal is to spread worship of Orcus, grant him more power, and overthrow the Raven Queen:, the Goddess of Death and Fate so that Orcus may become a god and rule over both death and undeath. If this were to pass, every living creature would become Orcus’ slave after it died.

The Covenant is ruled by Doresain: the King of Ghouls and exarch of Orcus in the Abyss:. The overseers of the cult’s day to day affairs are a group called the Ebon Riders:.

The cult us largely assumed to be either a myth or long defunct.

Cult of Orcus

The cult of Orcus is mainly composed of twisted creatures with a morbid fascination with the undead, such as necromancers, as well as creatures deliberately seeking the path to undeath, such as would-be liches and vampires. They often wear macabre costumes decorated with bones and skulls.


Promise your soul to Orcus, eat of his flesh and drink of his blood, and through him you will gain life everlasting. Mercy is a luxury that none are worthy of; suffering and torment are the fuel that will empower Orcus’ ascent. The worshippers of Orcus will overwhelm the world in a tide of undeath and even the gods will perish.


Clerics of Orcus are in charge of promoting necromancy, pain, torture, undeath, and the destruction of all that is good. They pray for spells at midnight. Their colors are red and black, although bone white is often used as decoration.


The vilest ritual in Orcus’s already vile faith is the Unhallowing. This ceremony has no set date, but involves sacrificing a paladin to Orcus and creating a self-loathing undead creature from the remains.

Holy Days

The holy days of Orcus are the nights of the new moons and Sunsebb 28, the last day of the year. When a moon is at its darkest, worshipers of Orcus are required to either create an undead creature or to bring a corpse to other Orcus cultists so that an undead creature can be made.

Wand of Orcus

The Wand of Orcus is a powerful artifact. This skull-tipped wand has the ability to automatically slay any living creature it touches.

The Wand is highly coveted across the planes, and Orcus sometimes lets it fall into the hands of mortals in order to allow them to wreak chaos and evil.

The Wand of Orcus is currently thought to be in the possession of a cult called the “Lurkers In Shadow.”

The Orcusword

The Orcusword was Orcus’s personal weapon when he was still a balor. It is currently held in Tchian-Sumere, Orcus’s fortress in the Shadowfell.

Ashen Covenant

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