Gnome Bard


Ella’s parents Eldon and Nyx fled the Feywild after escaping fomorian captivity with a small group of eladrin and gnomes, they chose to flee to the natural world rather than join a society of gnomes in the Feywild fearing that fomorians might recapture them. Their small group of eladrin and gnomes found their way to an eladrin kingdom in the Feywild hoping to receive aid in getting to the Natural World, rather luckily for them the Dayereth, the heir of the kingdom wished to expand. The heir felt that restoring the ancient Cendriane empire would be a good start, as it would give them a foothold in the Natural World as well as the Feywild, but had a hard time finding people willing to begin the restoration due to the empires sudden, mysterious fall. With their comrades Eldon and Nyx made a deal with the heir, they would go with a small group of volunteers to the ancient empire and begin restoration while showing those nervous about this expansion that it would be safe, so long as they didn’t repeat the mistakes of the past. A few months later when the group sent people to report on their progress they were able to report that they had managed to restore a large portion of the city and had encountered little that was a threat, which eased the peoples worries enough that several more volunteers came forth and a permanent portal between the two was established and the true restoration began. The eladrin were more than happy to accommodate the gnomes and created a rather large grove within the city walls for the gnomes to live in. About a year later Ella was born and the restoration of the Cendriane empire slowed, as they had restored the city they had been sent to, and had little reason to expand.

Ella grew up with some friends, children of the other gnomes and a few eladrin. Raised on stories of her parents captivity she was driven to learn to defend herself learning arcane arts and archery from the eladrin of the city, spending much of her free time as a child learning various instruments and songs. In her teenage years Ella met Valenae, an eladrin bard, who could see Ellas passion for music and took her in as an apprentice. When Ella was 17 Valenae told Ella that there was little more she could teach her, and Ella decided that she wanted to explore the world and learn all of the songs the world had to offer. Eldon and Nyx were very nervous about this idea and managed to delay Ellas departure for a few years, but a group of adventurers, who had come to the city seeking riches from the fallen empire, turned up. These adventurers fascinated Ella and she spent most of her time observing them while they were in the city, arguing with each other about whether or not they should search other cities of the fallen empire for riches. Ella finally showed herself and talked to them when it seemed that their argument was beginning to get out of hand, managing to convince them to work with the eladrin. Ella brokered a deal between the eladrin and adventurers, the agreement being that the adventurers would go to a nearby city and clear out any threats to the eladrin expansion to that city, and in exchange they could keep anything of value they found. Dayereth requested the Ella stay behind when the adventurers left and requested that she follow them to ensure they held up their end of the bargain. Ella brought the news home to her parents, who were rather upset about it but couldn’t dissuade her and she departed shortly after the adventurers. While in the city they were to clear out the adventurers got overwhelmed, and Ella couldn’t watch anymore, so she jumped in the fight saving their lives and giving them the strength to defeat their enemies. The adventurers shared a portion of their loot with her and they returned as the group reporting their success to Dayereth, and Ella to her parents. At this point Eldon and Nyx couldn’t help but give Ella their blessing as she joined the adventurers. Ella continued adventuring with various groups always working toward her goal to learn more songs and stories over the years. When news of the attack on Fallcrest reached her she felt compelled to travel there and attempt to aid the people of the city, so she left with a small group of adventurers to aid Fallcrest. Over the course of the journey most of her companions died, so that by the time they reached Fallcrest only she and Varis, an elven ranger, were the only ones left. In Fallcrest she worked for a while as a healer before meeting up with Divlyn, Amaya, and Kellethia, deciding to join with them having herd of them from the townsfolk, feeling that their adventures would likely make great stories.


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