The Ashen Covenant Rises

Heir to the Frost Prince

  • After fighting their way to the giant’s castle, a Frost Giant Berserker comes forward with a cadre of Eladrin Winterkin, challenging the party to fight.
  • Kellethia insists on a diplomatic solution and the giant calls them cowards, telling them that only proven warriors may have the honor of meeting with his king.
  • The party agrees to duel his Eladrin warriors instead of the giant, beating them easily.
  • The berserker leads them inside the castle and into the throne room where a group of eladrin accompany a Frost Titan, a White Dragon, and a giant wolf.
  • The titan – Ulrik Hrimfrost has the last two airship gems and says the party can take them if he is defeated in combat.
  • The wolf and dragon Forfrynsing begin the combat, and after the dragon is defeated Hrimfrost and the eladrin join the battle.
  • Hrimfrost fights on, apparently immune to wounds that should have killed him until Kellethia runs him through.
  • The titan collapses, and tells her that he is the champion of the Prince of Frost, a powerful archfey who rules over a section of the feywild and controls winter. Only the heir to the prince is capable of killing the titan, thus Kellethia is to be the next Winter Sovereign. Her sword melts and in its place an ice blade grows – the symbol of her new office.
  • They collect the gems and Hrimfrost dies.
  • The remaining Eladrin bow to Kellethia.



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