The Ashen Covenant Rises


  • The party carefully navigates their airship to the dwarven city of Hammerfast to get it repaired.
  • They meet Ottar who has now become the wealthiest dwarf in the city due to his extremely successful (and risky) mining operation in the underdark.
  • Ottar arranges for the vessel to be repaired, which will take ten days to complete.
  • The party splits up to explore the city as they see fit over the next several days.
  • After checking in with Ottar to see how the repairs were going, Divlyn is contacted by Ioan Voz with information about the Ashen Covenant.
  • He is told that Ioan and his agents have been hunting down the last members of the cult of Orcus within the Nentir Vale and that the last hideout – and therefore the one that must be the place where the Tanarukk are being bred – is located in the catacombs beneath Hammerfast’s royal cemetery.
  • Divlyn finds Ella and Kellethia but not Amaya and they go to the cemetery to explore the catacombs.
  • They find the tunnel entrance and ambush a group of cultists before they are attacked by rotting angels, zombies and a powerful Bodak that can kill with the power of its gaze alone.
  • The party manages to kill all but one of the dead angels, which flies screeching into the catacombs, alerting any other creatures to their presence.



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