The Ashen Covenant Rises

  • The party carefully navigates their airship to the dwarven city of Hammerfast to get it repaired.
  • They meet Ottar who has now become the wealthiest dwarf in the city due to his extremely successful (and risky) mining operation in the underdark.
  • Ottar arranges for the vessel to be repaired, which will take ten days to complete.
  • The party splits up to explore the city as they see fit over the next several days.
  • After checking in with Ottar to see how the repairs were going, Divlyn is contacted by Ioan Voz with information about the Ashen Covenant.
  • He is told that Ioan and his agents have been hunting down the last members of the cult of Orcus within the Nentir Vale and that the last hideout – and therefore the one that must be the place where the Tanarukk are being bred – is located in the catacombs beneath Hammerfast’s royal cemetery.
  • Divlyn finds Ella and Kellethia but not Amaya and they go to the cemetery to explore the catacombs.
  • They find the tunnel entrance and ambush a group of cultists before they are attacked by rotting angels, zombies and a powerful Bodak that can kill with the power of its gaze alone.
  • The party manages to kill all but one of the dead angels, which flies screeching into the catacombs, alerting any other creatures to their presence.
Heir to the Frost Prince
  • After fighting their way to the giant’s castle, a Frost Giant Berserker comes forward with a cadre of Eladrin Winterkin, challenging the party to fight.
  • Kellethia insists on a diplomatic solution and the giant calls them cowards, telling them that only proven warriors may have the honor of meeting with his king.
  • The party agrees to duel his Eladrin warriors instead of the giant, beating them easily.
  • The berserker leads them inside the castle and into the throne room where a group of eladrin accompany a Frost Titan, a White Dragon, and a giant wolf.
  • The titan – Ulrik Hrimfrost has the last two airship gems and says the party can take them if he is defeated in combat.
  • The wolf and dragon Forfrynsing begin the combat, and after the dragon is defeated Hrimfrost and the eladrin join the battle.
  • Hrimfrost fights on, apparently immune to wounds that should have killed him until Kellethia runs him through.
  • The titan collapses, and tells her that he is the champion of the Prince of Frost, a powerful archfey who rules over a section of the feywild and controls winter. Only the heir to the prince is capable of killing the titan, thus Kellethia is to be the next Winter Sovereign. Her sword melts and in its place an ice blade grows – the symbol of her new office.
  • They collect the gems and Hrimfrost dies.
  • The remaining Eladrin bow to Kellethia.
Airship Parts
  • The party follows footprints from the damaged airship crater towards the Ogrefist hills.
  • They come upon an ogre tribal camp, lead by an Ogre Storm Shaman.
  • They kill the ogre tribe and retrieve the cubic astral crystal from the Shaman’s body.
  • After travelling back to the airship and placing the crystal in the navigation unit they carefully fly the vessel in the direction of the second set of tracks leading away from the crater.
  • The tracks lead up into the Cairngorm peaks, finally stopping at an oversized castle in the highest peak of the mountain.
  • The orcs that guard the castle charge and are killed by the party.
Misguided Foes
  • Divlyn picks the lock to Cormarrin’s door to find the warlord and his men sacrifice a dragonborn soldier on an altar.
  • Combat begins with Cormarrin’s mages casting spells to hold off the party while the ritual at the altar is completed.
  • Cormarrin gives a speech about a weapon used by the founders of Nerath to defeat their enemies.
  • A bloody portal opens on the other side of the chamber and the Weapon of Nerath – an Aspect of Orcus crawls out, demanding sacrifices of blood and bone.
  • The Weapon’s necrotic presence kills Cormarrin’s men, melting the flesh from their bones.
  • The party fights it, but when it nears defeat it flees, breaking through the wall of the palace and flying away.
  • The palace begins to fall apart and Ella ties and tortures Cormarrin before killing him with his flail.
  • They flee the palace as it collapses.
  • On the way back to Fallcrest they find a dwarven trade wagon destroyed, with mutilated dwarven bodies, some parts animated with undeath as Kellethia investigates the area.
  • In the night the messenger of Orcus contacts Divlyn and calls him out on his bluff that Ioan Voz escaped them, declaring that it could not be a coincidence that an agent of Vecna would lose his left hand. She dissapears in anger promising to have the Raven Queen tortured for the insult.
  • They get back to Fallcrest and inform Legatus Dythan about the events in the Gray Downs.
  • He tells them about a pair of shooting stars that flew over the city from the East to the West and made a great explosion the night before last.
  • The party goes to investigate, finding an airship of Bane’s Armada severely damaged in a crater.
  • They begin their plans to restore it.
Tying Loose Ends
  • Leaving Winterhaven the party encounters a giant warforged named Stultus who collects corpses for Ioan Voz
  • On the way back to Fallcrest they come across signs of a battle where Devils murdered some of the dragonborn scouts from Dythan’s Legion.
  • In Fallcrest they inform Dythan about the dead soldiers and fill him in on their decision to avoid fighting Voz.
  • Rendan Kreed, a werewolf from Sylish’s pack finds Divlyn in Fallcrest and informs him that they have caught scent of Halvath Cormarrin travelling through their territory and north of Fallcrest towards the Gray Downs
  • The Party gears up and heads north to intercept Cormarrin, finding signs that he is meeting up with more people along the way.
  • They find an old Nerathi Palace in ruins in the Gray Downs, occupied by both devils and Cormarrin’s men. After a brief exchange where Cormarrin makes it clear that there will be no peaceful resolution to the situation a fight breaks out and the party forces their way into the palace.
  • They find Cormarrin and his men on the second floor, preparing some sort of spell on an altar.
  • The party destroys the Tanarukk (demon-orc) and Hydra that was summoned out of the swamp. Beneath the hag’s island they find Nerathi ruins and copious amounts of treasure and magic weapons.
  • On their way back to the Vale they come across a regiment of dragonborn right as they bring down and elder black dragon. They meet Legatus Dythan, the general of that legion and they travel back to Fallcrest via Ella’s portals.
  • Dythan comes with a proposal from Vorumral, Pharoah of the Brass Desert to make Fallcrest an official colony of the dragon, including complete military protection.
  • The party convinces the citizens to accept that offer, though Halvath Cormarrin, a leader of the Gray Company is enraged by this because he wants to rebuild the fallen human empire of Nerath. He leaves the city and promises that the party will regret that decision.
  • In the bar, Amaya finds a group of mysterious tieflings before retiring to the upper floor of the tavern for bed.
  • In the night, Sir Kane Goldenhelm knocks on the door of the party’s quarters to awake them. They have a potentially dangerous messenger.
  • A skeleton stands at the front gate of Fallcrest and tells the party that they are to meet a messenger in the Fallcrest Cemetary.
  • They meet with the messenger of Orcus who tells them that the Raven Queen has surrendered to Orcus, and that he wants peace between their sides. If they go to Winterhaven and destroy an undead that defected against Orcus then he will never raise his hand against Fallcrest again.
  • They accept.
The Grande Ret-Con of Our Tyme!

When did the current PC’s join the party?

Divlyn (Ryan): Contacted by Roan along with Ithica and Hams to clear out the Daggerburg Goblins for Lord Warden Faren Markelhay

Kellethia (Kelly): Came from the Feywild, Vampires under Orcus’ command were attacking and after driving them out she traveled to the Prime Material Plane to aid that world in any way should could. Very soon after arriving she came across Fallcrest when it was filled with zombies. She fled north where she met up with the party who was taking refuge in Thersys Four-Face’s tower.

Amaya (Sierra): After being exiled from her family for failure to worship Asmodeus she traveled to Fallcrest, hearing that it was being rebuilt and desiring to prove to the populace that Tieflings can be good as well as wicked. There she met the current party members and joined them to travel in the swamp to find Jacen Markelhay

Gnome Bard (Jake): He has traveled far and wide collecting tales and songs. He stopped in Fallcrest to rest and trade when he met the party. He saw their company as a great source of stories so he accompanied them into the swamp to adventure.

Where are the former party members?

Zono: Briefly traveled with the party and helped them destroy Kalarel the Necromaster but he left to pursue his own goals shortly thereafter.

Hams: After the loss of his family at the hands of Orcus’ ghouls Hams lost the desire to adventure. He has been working to rebuild the shrine of Melora in Fallcrest and has been named the Abbot of that city. He works full time to heal the hurts of the people in the aftermath of the undead assault.

Ithica: Ithica traveled into the Underdark to fight Keraptis. He was slain by the horde of foul Vampires that made the Dead City their lair.

Roan: After being injured by the Gnoll marauders, Roan was forced out of front line duty. He has been seeking other avenues to promote the party’s goal such as ritual research and diplomatic meetings with powerful factions that could move against the Ashen Covenant.

Skylar: Accompanied the party after meeting them in Fallcrest and rooting out Cleisthenes and his followers. He was killed by a Cloaker in the Underdark.

Byron/Aeridhiel/Maximus: Killed by Shadar-Kai assassins in retribution for the betrayal of their tower.

Dmitri: After meeting the party and discovering that they were indebted to Pazuzu he bid them farewell on good terms and joined the Fallcrest city guard.

Jake’s Druid: She refused to continue to associate herself with those who would traffic with demons, willingly become undead, or defile a druid sanctuary. She left the party as a result and became the leader of the Harken’s Heart Druid Tribe.

Fie-Tol Misfortoon: His new vampiric nature set him at odds with Kellethia, Divlyn, and Jake’s Druid. Due to his help destroying Keraptis the Desolate the party allowed him to depart from them rather than destroy him on the principle of his undead state.

  • The Raven Queen is being attacked relentlessly by agents of Orcus and armies of Ghouls.
  • She believes that Orcus is close to finding her mortal name – which he can use in a complex ritual to steal her divinity.
  • She sends out her five most powerful servants to stop his minions from finding her name in the city of Moil, where she once lived. Moil is a city in the shadowfell that is firmly in Orcus’ grip.
  • They find worshippers of Orcus and demons as they finally find her true name, and her servants try to kill them so that they cannot escape with that information.
  • The leader of Moil, an undead human named the Dread Emperor summons a powerful Aspect of Orcus which buys him enough time to escape with the Raven Queen’s truename, giving Orcus the ability to steal her divinity and take it for himself.
Rescue Mission
  • Back in Fallcrest, Divlyn Barri’ndar, Dimitri Aethelmar, Fie-Tol Misfortoon, Kellethia, and Jake’s Druid set out for the Witchlight Fens (the southern swamp of the Nentir Vale) to search for Jacen Markelhay, the heir to the leadership of Fallcrest.
  • Just before reaching the swamps the party encounters Dire Bulette devouring the carcass of a Markelhay horse. The party defeats the Bulette and the Earth Titan that it awakens.
  • After navigating their way through the swamp they come to the island where a hag resides. She claims to have no information of the lost heir.
  • Fie-Tol uses his vampiric abilities to sneak into her huts, discovering gremlins, a maddened orc, and the burnt and broken bones of a humanoid.
  • The hag discovers him and attempts to kill them. Divlyn decapitates her but her death results in a Hydra being summoned from the depths of the swamp.
Border Patrol
  • A dwarf fighter, human ranger, human cleric, and Frida Flame-Caller patrol the borderlands of Fallcrest and discover signs of Orcs in the area.
  • They follow the tracks and discover that the orcs have commandeered an abandoned keep that once belonged to a Nerathi noble household.
  • They infiltrate and attack the orcs, the ranger perishes and they defeat the orc chieftain – who is a blend of Orc and Demon.

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